Chanel Barnes, DC, LAc



Chiropractic treatment is provided to help align the body. The spine and limbs are adjusted using the hands and occasional tools as needed. Adjustments are detailed and specific to aid structures into their naturally aligned positions.

Chiropractic care can help with the reduction of pain from a variety of causes and increase body motion for ease of daily living. Care is tailored to each individual to help restore physical alignment and health.  



The spinal cord is a vital structure situated from the brain to the spine's end. This structure carries nerves to and from the brain and to the rest of the body (such as organs and limbs). These nerves are like wires throughout the body that dictate what the body should do and when, unconsciously and consciously. Nerves form the basis of which vital messages are sent about our functions through electrical impulses - signaling specific muscles to walk each step, breathe, blink, digest food, etc. These nerves derive from the spinal cord that is protected by the spine. Aligning the spine can take pressure off the nerves that feed to various organs and structures in the body. Maintaining spinal health also helps body functions.